WWE Alum Mickie James Explains Fans' Lack Of Investment In New Style Of Wrestling

Multi-time WWE Women's Champion Mickie James gave her assessment of modern wrestling during "Busted Open Radio" recently. She explained how she feels that today's wrestlers are being taught a particular way, and it's hurting their development. "I feel like this is this new kind of style that's been more gravitated to, being taught like this: A to Z," she stated, "So there's no on the fly, if something happens, there's no idea of what to do in that situation [in-between moves] because that's not the way they're learning." 

James continued on this "new style" of wrestling, saying she can see the disconnect between the crowd and the performance they're watching. She sees fans sitting down during matches, a tell-tale sign that they're not invested in the product, and questioned why performers don't try to pull the fans in: "Why are we doing that? Losing that connection with the people that has them on their feet, that has them wanna see you get your a** kicked. Where is that part? Like what is that? Where's the heat? Where is the love?" 

James made clear that she wasn't aiming her criticism at a particular promotion, like AEW or WWE, but rather the industry as a whole. Even in her appearances on the indies, she said that she sees no emotion in the transitions between moves unless they're either seasoned veterans or have received specific guidance from veterans. And that, she says, is when she feels a loss of connection as a fan. James also explained what she doesn't like about "WWE NXT"s Schism faction, dubbing the group a "massive turn off".