Zach Gowen Says Fellow Wrestler Stopped Him From Signing With TNA Before WWE Offer

Zach Gowen almost ended up working for TNA — had it not been for a conversation with Truth Martini. Gowen had been offered a deal with TNA prior to signing with WWE, and while he thought it was amazing, Gowen never put pen to paper.


"He [Martini] looked at me and he goes, 'Zach don't sign, whatever you do, don't sign,'" Gowen told "The False Finish." "I go, 'What the hell are you talking about? How the hell am I not going to sign a contract?' He goes, 'Listen, I promise you this, WWE will call within the week, so do not sign.'" 

Gowen heeded his advice and waited. Sure enough, John Laurinaitis would soon call, offering a three-year deal to join the WWE roster. However, even with that deal on the table, Gowen allowed TNA a chance to match or better what WWE had put forth, ringing Jeff Jarrett out of respect for giving him a chance first.

"Jeff said, 'Listen, Zach, we can't match that money, there's no way. We're a brand new company, we're young, we're trying to grow. But listen, if you stay with TNA, I promise you that we will take care of you in terms of your character,'" Gowen revealed. 


However, despite Jarrett's best pitch, it would be WWE that Gowen chose, although his time with the company would only last a year. He would later re-appear once again for TNA after his WWE release.

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