Video: AEW's Cash Wheeler Arraigned Following Arrest On Charge Of Aggravated Assault

As Wrestling Inc. reported earlier, AEW star Daniel "Cash" Wheeler was arrested on Friday, August 18, in Orlando, Florida. In the below video of Wheeler's arraignment, his defense attorney states that the defendant turned himself in to the Orlando Police Department, indicating he is complying with law enforcement. The attorney then requested bail be set at $2,500, with provisions of his potential release to include no contact with the alleged victim and no possession of firearms.


When asked by the judge, the state's attorney assigned to the case chose not to weigh in on Wheeler's potential bond or conditions of release. She stated that Wheeler has no criminal history and that the incident in question appears to be a road rage incident in which Wheeler is alleged to have "flashed a handgun at the alleged victim." She then said the state has no objections to the conditions the defense laid out, based on Wheeler's lack of prior offenses and the fact that he is not acquainted with the victim.

In response, the presiding judge said that the defense's request for bond to be set at $2,500 sounded reasonable and told Wheeler he would be ordered to have no contact with the alleged victim nor any of the witnesses involved in the case. The judge further stipulated that Wheeler would be barred from possessing any weapons during his release and that Wheeler would need to turn in any weapons he owns that are not currently in law enforcement's possession within 12 hours of his release, pending the case's final disposition.