Former WWE Writer Brian Gewirtz Hated Switch To PG, Says It Was Really A G-Rated Show

As WWE pivoted away from its Attitude Era into something more PG and family-friendly, the change had a big impact on how the product was presented. But, according to former head writer Brian Gewirtz, the drastic shift was stifling to the writers.


"It said PG era, but really it was the G era," Gewirtz told "The Masked Man Show." "I remember getting into an argument with him [Vince McMahon] ... I had someone write, 'I don't even give a damn,' and he says, 'God, you can't say damn, we're PG,' and I'm like, 'Yes, that's my argument, too. We are PG, that's why it's not something else.'"

The argument with his boss is something that continued, mainly because Gewirtz pointed out that it was not an issue for the wrestler in question to say that word, even under PG restrictions.

"But we literally have a character who only says 'Damn!' and his t-shirt that says 'Damn!' on the exact same show," he said, referencing Ron Simmons' classic catchphrase. "He's [McMahon] like, 'Oh that's different, that's his thing.'"


The inability to not say certain words did restrict the writers when it came to creating promos, especially for Gewirtz who was used to writing for the likes of The Rock. But over the years, WWE's creative team learned to adapt to the restrictions in place since McMahon refused to budge off his position. 

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