Sami Zayn Says Involvement In WWE's Bloodline Story Got Him Interested In Acting

The Rock, Batista, and John Cena are all wrestlers who have broken into the world of Hollywood, but could Sami Zayn be the next to join them? The former "Honorary Uce" revealed to "Out of Character" that his recent Bloodline storyline got him very interested in the idea of acting in the future. "The more I got to flex those chops a little bit with that storyline because of the level of depth and the range of emotions I got really bit by the bug," Zayn revealed. "I was like, 'This feels great I love it.' I love wrestling stuff where I can really act more. In fact, I'd love to act, it kind of opened that door a little bit for me. It's definitely something I'm interested in."


Zayn has always thrived when being able to showcase his personality, and while it was more serious with The Bloodline, he proved his comedy chops the year prior when feuding against Johnny Knoxville. However, he admitted to not knowing how genuine his interest or motives actually are regarding a possible acting career.

"If I am genuinely just interested in pursuing the craft then it doesn't need to be for Hollywood movies," Zayn said. "I could do local theatre, that's almost more intriguing to me in some ways. Genuinely learning the craft, is that really what I am interested in, or is there an egotistical component where I'm like, well I'd like to leverage this popularity from WWE and do shows that I am a fan of."


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