Sami Zayn Sees WWE Work With Bloodline As The New High Bar For Wrestling Storytelling

Sami Zayn has played a crucial role in the overall Bloodline story, and he recently explained to "After The Bell" that he thinks they "accidentally stumbled into the future of storytelling in wrestling

"I think this is hopefully the template for what really quality storytelling could be down the road in this industry," Zayn said.

The Bloodline's overall story has been one of the longest and most detailed in modern wrestling, allowing fans to emotionally invest in different characters due to the twists and turns that have taken place throughout, and Zayn wants this to be used as a guide moving forward. However, while Zayn would like to see wrestlers use the storyline as a template, he also doesn't believe that anybody will end up matching what they have been able to do, which comes down to the real-life connections in play as a result of the specific individuals involved, from the family dynamic of Roman Reigns and the Usos to his own longtime friendship with Kevin Owens, or Paul Heyman's connection to the Samoan dynasty.

"You can have different versions of it, hopefully, but I think people aspire to do these long drawn out, artistic, very emotional with clearly defined characters, and I think that's the future. I think because of the success, if nothing else, that's what people will aspire to achieve," Zayn said. "I don't think anyone will in quite the same way, but here's hoping that someone does something even better one day."

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