Road Dogg Was Blown Away By This Moment For Shotzi On WWE SmackDown

Back in July, Shotzi shaved her head on an episode of "WWE SmackDown" to support her real-life sister, who is currently going through chemotherapy as she fights cancer. The segment was in-character and used to propel a storyline, too, but the revelation that she was supporting her family member has received praise from the wrestling world. Brian "Road Dogg" James was touched by Shotzi's decision to cut her hair as well, and he spoke about it on a recent episode of "Oh... You Didn't Know."

According to James, he's seen women shave their heads in the past to support people going through cancer. He thinks that it's a big sacrifice to make, and witnessing it happen had an effect on him. He also echoed similar views when discussing Shotzi's aforementioned "SmackDown" moment.

"The real story makes it a real human interest story... A lot of people in the world are touched by cancer, so it's relatable... Shotzi's courage and commitment in this act is awe-inspiring and heartfelt... If you have a heart, then this touches you."

Furthermore, James believes that it's made people sympathize with Shotzi and get behind her more, which is a complicated matter when it comes to WWE storytelling. "It's a double-edged sword because yes it's good for business and that makes it feel yucky," he said. "But it's not business, it's real and so you get past that."

James said that he'll be praying for Shotzi and her family and recalled immediately hitting it off with her when they met in "WWE NXT." He called her a "good soul" who's tough and full of life, and he wishes her all the best.

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