Shotzi Shaves Her Head On WWE SmackDown, Wrestling World Reacts

Shotzi is in control now, and the wrestling world is loving every second of it.

On Friday's "WWE SmackDown," after Bayley defeated Zelina Vega in a singles bout, Shotzi appeared on the TitanTron via a pre-recorded vignette where she shaved her head while proclaiming that she had seized control of her career. While shaving her head, Shotzi would laugh maniacally, thereby spooking the onlooking IYO SKY and Bayley, the latter of whom had been parading around with a strand of Shotzi's hair for weeks

The vignette began with Shotzi referencing the moment when Bayley held her down and cut off a strand of her hair. "Bayley, you thought cutting my hair would intimidate me, scare me," Shotzi said. "You probably think you have some sort of control over me. Do I look scared to you? Do I look like someone you can control?" 

At this point, Shotzi began screaming frantically as she pulled out a trimmer and shaved off her head. The video ended with Shotzi acknowledging that she was "a little weird" and that Bayley was "now scared" of her. 


It was later revealed on social media that Shotzi shaved her head to show solidarity with her sister, who is currently in chemotherapy as part of her battle with cancer. As seen in an Instagram Stories post below, Shotzi wrote, "I love you sister! You are my inspiration!

Wrestling World Applauds Shotzi

Barely moments after Shotzi's vignette dropped on "WWE SmackDown," scores of wrestlers from across promotions praised her for her selfless and courageous act. 

While independent wrestling star Steph De Lander wrote "Shotzi is a f—ing superhero. I've been in love for years," Impact Wrestling star Trinity Fatu tweeted "Get 'em SHOTZ!" Others such as Scarlett Bordeaux and Joe Gacy praised Shotzi as well, with the latter acknowledging that Shotzi was "firmly in control" now. Meanwhile, Mercedes Varnado – a former rival of Shotzi in WWE — was paying close attention to the segment as well.

The rivalry between Damage CTRL and Shotzi intensified on the July 30 episode of "WWE SmackDown" where Bayley put her women's Money In The Bank ladder match spot up for grabs in a match against Shotzi. Initially, Bayley was skeptical to accept Shotzi's unique challenge until SKY accepted the same on behalf of Bayley, causing tensions between Damage CTRL members. Ultimately, after Bayley defeated Shotzi to retain her spot in the ladder match, Damage CTRL would ambush Shotzi in the backstage area, giving Bayley the opportunity to cut off one of Shotzi's braids. The segment was the last Shotzi sighting on WWE programming until Friday's show.

It appears WWE could be building towards a grudge match between Bayley and Shotzi, possibly at the upcoming SummerSlam premium live event.