Eric Bischoff Knows Who Will Be The Biggest Star At AEW All In At Wembley Stadium

Over 80,000 people are expected to pile into Wembley Stadium on August 27 for All In — AEW's first show in the U.K. The pay-per-view will be headlined by Adam Cole and MJF for the AEW World Championship. And while the likes of CM Punk and Kenny Omega will also be in prominent matches on the card, Eric Bischoff thinks none of AEW's big names will end up as the biggest stars of the show. That slot will be for the fans, if AEW plays its cards right.


"It's gonna be a very interesting night ... the biggest star on that show, clearly, without question, is gonna be the audience," he said on a recent episode of his "83 Weeks" podcast. "If they can manage that and they can do a great job of creating that emotion and making sure they're sending everybody home feeling really satisfied and proud of the fact they were part of that event, this will have a positive downstream impact for years to come. If on the other hand," he continued," they sh*t the bed and throw a bunch of garbage matches out there with blood, guts, tables, chairs, and whatever else — and it's just another house show with some interesting names on it — it will come back to bite them."


U.K. wrestling fans have developed quite the reputation over the years for being a lively and rambunctious bunch, so if AEW can capitalize on their energy for the biggest night in the company's history, that could set them off on a positive global trajectory for years to come.

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