Report: 'Sense Of Doom And Gloom' Among WWE Employees As Endeavor Takeover Approaches

As the merger between WWE and UFC looms, tensions are rising in WWE's newly-opened headquarters.

According to PWInsider Elite, many employees in WWE are concerned that there will be a number of layoffs when WWE and UFC join together under the umbrella of the new TKO Holdings Group. Departments like travel, accounting, and other office roles that aren't directly tied to production or the handling of WWE talent are seen as likely for the chopping block by new parent company Endeavor, which expects to finalize the merger sometime in the back half of 2023, likely in September.


While the number of potential layoffs is not known, many in office positions are reportedly, quietly looking for work in hopes of getting ahead of any possible redundancies.

A recent report said that Endeavor is hoping to work with WWE to make "NXT" a more viable third brand in hopes of getting higher TV rights fees for the program and WWE in general, just one of the many changes expected to occur under the new ownership.

WWE and Endeavor struck a deal in April, announced just after WWE WrestleMania 39, the result of Vince McMahon's return to the company in January to facilitate a sale. When the deal finalizes, it will mark the first time WWE has been outside of the McMahon family's ownership since 1953, when it was founded as the Capitol Wrestling Corporation, which was rebranded as Titan Sports in 1982 when Vincent K. McMahon took over the company from his father Vincent J. McMahon.