AEW's Paul Wight Discusses Two Former UFC Fighters Joining Pro Wrestling

With recording artist Bad Bunny and YouTuber Logan Paul joining the world of pro wrestling, the age of the crossover seems to be upon the sports entertainment world. In an interview with "DAZN," AEW's Paul Wight said that he wants to see one former UFC Champion in the ring.


"I met [George St.Pierre] a few weeks ago and I'd love to see GSP in wrestling," Wight said. "He's got so much energy and so much personality. Man, I'd love GSP to get involved in wrestling ... I think he would be fantastic. He's already got that great fanbase. You already know that GSP is a fighter and I think he'd have a good time with the showmanship part of it."

Wight was asked about former UFC Champion Francis Ngannou about potentially joining pro wrestling, and the AEW star said that anybody that's achieved a certain level of athletic success is primed for the squared circle. He thinks that even without an athletic background, a willingness to understand and commit to professional wrestling is going to result in success.


"The whole thing is making a connection with the audience," Wight explained. "The basics of it, anybody can learn the basics of it. If you can walk and chew gum, you can learn the basics."

Wight is currently recovering from knee surgery, but is optimistic about the results so far, noting that he's got more mobility in his knee than he did 14 years ago. He even believes there could possibly be an appearance from his "Waterboy" character Captain Insano at AEW All In at Wembley Stadium.