Paul Wight Offers Health Update After Knee Surgery, Shocking AEW All In Prediction

Paul Wight had knee surgery in 2022, which resulted in him spending a few months in a wheelchair during the recovery process. Luckily things are looking better for the former "Big Show" as he recently revealed to DAZN Wrestling that he's back to having a full range of motion.


"It's amazing how difficult the knee is versus the hip," Wight said. "I think when I had my hips done, they came along a lot stronger, a lot faster. The knees are a lot more difficult. The rehab's a lot more intensive. The pain afterward is a lot more intensive. They told me that going into it, but I didn't believe them. But yeah, it's been pretty intense. I've got full range of motion. I have more range of motion with my fixed knee than I did with my knee before. I've got 136-degree flexion and I've got zero [degree] straightening, so I'm above average. My knee hasn't moved that good in 14 years."

Wight has only wrestled four matches since joining AEW, with his last one taking place in March 2022. When asked about the odds of him returning to the ring for AEW All In, Wight did not shy away from the likelihood.


"I would have to say if I was a betting person because I'm not allowed to stooge, I'd say the odds are pretty good that I'll be here at Wembley," he admitted.

Wight would even go as far as nearly confirming that his alter ego Captain Insnao will make an appearance at Wembley Stadium. He stated, "If I'm a gambling man, which I'm not, I would bet very strongly that there's a high, high probability that Captain Insano will probably make it to Wembley."

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