Paul Wight Opens Up About Spending 11 Weeks In A Wheelchair After Knee Injury

Paul Wight has been out of action recently, and he revealed to Metro UK that he has spent 11 weeks in a wheelchair, as his knee injury has been so severe. While his size has certainly been a positive for him throughout his wrestling career, it held him back in this case, as he had to wait longer for an implant to be built due to his size. 

"I had crushed all the bone in the knee, I was bleeding into my shin," Wight said. "So, I've got a good pain tolerance, but when I say I rode the tire down to the rim, that's exactly what I did."

Fortunately, Wight confirmed that he still has all of his ligaments in that knee, further noting that "Everything's good there, it's a nice, brand new titanium joint so it's good for 35 years." Considering the fact that he is still planning to get back into the ring for AEW down the line, this is a positive sign as the former WWE Champion looks to add another chapter to his legacy. Wight last competed on the April 4 edition of "AEW Dark: Elevation," where he defeated Austin Green, but since then he also dealt with a hip issue and focused on commentary.

Right now, Wight is working with fellow AEW star Billy Gunn, who is helping him get back into shape following the surgery as he prepares for a return. Previously, Wight has teased doing something with the Captain Insano gimmick that he portrayed in "The Waterboy." Fans got a tease of that during one of The Acclaimed's rap videos, but outside of that, the character hasn't been introduced inside the ring.