Paul Wight Gives Update On In-Ring Future With AEW

Paul Wight isn't done competing inside of an AEW ring.

The former Big Show stunned wrestling fans when he left WWE after a 22-year run with the company to sign with All Elite Wrestling in February 2021. However, since joining AEW over a year ago, Wight has only competed in a handful of matches, first at "All Out" where he defeated QT Marshall before making sporadic appearances on AEW "Dark: Elevation".


Recently, he made his in-ring return following his second hip replacement surgery, which occurred this past December. Wight recently appeared on Submission Radio to explain his lengthy absence from in-ring competition, which was mainly because of the aforementioned surgery but is also on purpose due to not wanting to take spots away from the younger talent.

"I had another hip transplant in December. So, now I have two fake hips now, I have two titanium hips so I'm like Wolverine," Wight explained. "So the focus for me has just been on rehab, physical therapy, and just getting stronger. And my thing coming over [to AEW], honestly, to be sincere, is I came over here to work on my commentary skills because that's where my future lies in wrestling, that's where I want to contribute to the business. But I came over to compete periodically, in small doses, like I don't see myself running for championships, that's not my gig.


"Maybe if it works out and there's a younger talent that I can help bring along, like a tag team championship, maybe. I've done my five nights a week for decades, I've put in my time. Now, for me, it's about not taking anything away from the amazing AEW talent here that deserves that TV time, that deserves that opportunity to make those connections with the audience, that deserves that ability to go out and earn those pay-per-view paydays, this is their time. And for me, I'll pick and choose here and there, and squeeze in, and we got some stuff coming down the line that's really cool, but this has been an incredible card that they've put together in an incredible sold-out venue. These talents are excited, and I'm excited to watch them.

"So, that's the smart thing you do, like I'm never gonna be a guy that's going to come in and bully my way and, 'I need my dressing room, I need to be fighting for the title.' That's not my MO. I want the business to do well and I want the talent around me to do well, and I'll be okay."

Both before and after his surgery, Paul Wight has been a staple of the AEW "Dark: Elevation" commentary team alongside lead All Elite Wrestling commentator, Tony Schiavone.