Road Dogg Calls WWE Universal Champ Roman Reigns A Better Storyteller Than The Rock

Roman Reigns and The Rock have been inevitably linked together by fans due to their shared family connection and the success they've both tasted in WWE. However, on the latest "Oh You Didn't Know" podcast, "Road Dogg" Brian James revealed that he thinks Reigns' storytelling ability is actually better than that of "The Most Electrifying Man In Sports Entertainment."


"I watch the storytelling Roman does visually with facials," he said. "It just makes me think, man — Roman's really, like I want to slap him sometimes, you know what I mean? I just want to slap him and go, 'You ain't as cool as you think you are,' you know what I mean? That works, that to me, he's doing his job, I don't know, it's incredible right now."

However, James did note that he now sees things from a different perspective as he was an active performer during The Rock's run, getting to play a part in some of his storylines. The WWE Hall Of Famer believes both Reigns and Rock are very different entities as performers, but he believes because of Reigns' acting he has the edge over "The People's Champ" — especially as a result of Reigns' most recent run with The Bloodline and the impact he's made.


"I'm not dogging — and Rock's a great actor. Look one of my favorite movies is 'Central Intelligence,'" he said. "During this, what a character he [Reigns] has been, and I just like his family member before him, kind of carrying the company, you know what I mean?"

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