WWE's Shane Helms Recounts Scary Moment During Most Recent Royal Rumble Appearance

The Hurricane's surprise return at the 2021 Royal Rumble proved to be an exciting moment for fans watching at home during the ThunderDome era, but Shane Helms admitted it was terrible for him due to how he was eliminated. "That hurt so bad. That's the first and only time that the referee came and asked me if I was okay, and I said no," Helms revealed to "Insight with Chris Van Vliet." "I thought I broke my back."

Helms showed off his superhero powers by having a moment of flight mid-match, as Bobby Lashley and Big E worked together to get rid of the former Cruiserweight Champion, Gorilla Pressing him out of the ring with authority. Helms was able to live his gimmick properly for a second, but the crash landing proved to be a painful situation for him.

"When I hit my heels hit first," he said. "I kind of hit heels first and they kind of shot out from underneath me and they went down my tailbone and I kind of had probably what would be described as a little bruise probably on my little spine or something like that, everything hurt. That was one of the most painful bumps I have ever taken in my entire career." Helms hasn't competed in a match since that cameo appearance, and it remains to be seen whether a return to the ring will happen or if the bump was enough to vanquish The Hurricane once and for all. 

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