Why Impact's Jonathan Gresham Wishes Wrestling Fans Were Less Invested In Wrestling

Impact Wrestling's Jonathan Gresham prefers that wrestling fans keep their enjoyment of wrestling simple.

"I really like it when the fans ... come to just enjoy and not break down the intricate details of wrestling," Gresham said on the "Better Than Broadway" podcast.


The former Ring of Honor World Champion says he didn't watch World Championship Wrestling or Extreme Championship Wrestling to critique the matches, instead saying he was focused on the characters and the stories and being entertained.

"I wish that fans were into that now and the wrestling industry wasn't so open because it's spoiling a lot of the fun for the boys and long-term for the fans as well."

Gresham believes that one aspect of the wrestling culture that has been improved by the outspokenness of fans is safety.

"I think fans speaking up and getting people canceled is positive," Gresham admitted, "because in a way it's protecting a lot of wrestlers."

Gresham believes that while that influence can be a double-edged sword, he's seen some things in locker rooms that he can't repeat and feels that fan pressure for safer working environments has helped curb those incidents.


Gresham was in the crosshairs of heavily invested fans' attention in 2022, when he lost the ROH World Championship and left the promotion following a heated meeting with ROH owner Tony Khan. Gresham recently reflected on that incident, admitting that he acted unprofessionally and that he is learning to accept his role in professional wrestling, as opposed to forcing the conversation.

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