Tony Khan Discusses The Magnitude Of AEW All In's Main Event

AEW has delivered a number of big matches in its short history, but, according to AEW President Tony Khan, Sunday's rematch between MJF and Adam Cole — this time for the AEW World Championship — is unmatched in importance. 

Khan made the bold proclamation about All In's main event earlier this week, emphasizing that the rivalry-turned-friendship between Cole and MJF has set up a match that will go down in the history books. "MJF versus Adam Cole is the most important match in AEW history," Khan told "Sports Illustrated." "It's become one of the most fascinating friendships in wrestling, and they're going to clash for the AEW World Championship at the biggest pro wrestling show of all time this Sunday."

Earlier, during the All In media call, Khan declared the ongoing MJF-Cole storyline as "the best story we've ever told on television" and stressed that the nuances in the story only add more excitement to the match at All In. The rise of the two wrestlers, specifically of the younger MJF, does not surprise Khan, who admittedly started following the career of "The Devil" more than five years ago on the indie circuit.

"I became aware of Max's great promos when I was watching him in MLW," Khan revealed. "I was watching every moment of wrestling I possibly could, and I found myself mesmerized by MJF as one of the best young prospects in wrestling. In 2018, throughout independent wrestling, anyone who saw Max was talking about him. I thought he'd make a great part of the inaugural AEW roster that we launched in January of 2019."