Saraya Reflects On Ups & Downs Of Wrestling Career Ahead Of AEW All In

Saraya is set to compete in her home country of England for the first time since 2016 this Sunday at AEW All In London. The former WWE Divas Champion is cognizant that her upcoming AEW Women's World Championship match is a culmination of everything she's been through in her career, as she recounted to Daily Star.


"I've literally gone from being in a small city in England, a smaller company and doing the independent shows, and managing to finally get signed to WWE, to having a movie about my life, winning the Divas Championship, winning the 'NXT' Women's Championship, to then completely come crashing down," Saraya said. "No pun intended but I completely hit rock bottom, I fell into addictions, I was with someone that wasn't good for me, I had friends around me that weren't good for me, and I dealt with really bad mental health issues."

She added, "I had those [sex] tapes come out and just I had all these things kind of happen all at once and then I made a big comeback, and I finally come back — and then I'm told I'll never wrestle again."


After suffering a career-threatening neck injury in December 2017, Saraya did not lace up her boots again until November 2022. When asked to describe her journey, she simply stated, "What the f***?!"

"I never thought in 2016, I would be where I am today, that's for sure," Saraya stated. "I didn't know if I would be alive, but also, I would be out of WWE. I was just a huge loyalist to them, but those things come to an end and I still adore them but I'm absolutely in love with AEW, and I just feel so lucky."