Mark Henry On Lighthearted Final Time Being Around WWE's Windham Rotunda (Bray Wyatt)

In the ring, Windham Rotunda portrayed a cultish figure known as Bray Wyatt, but behind the scenes, he offered up a much more lighthearted demeanor. It was that same cheerful energy that WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry remembers radiating from Rotunda during their final encounter before his untimely death on August 24. On "Busted Open Radio," Henry detailed the last time he saw Rotunda, which occurred at an autograph signing in the midst of WrestleMania 39 weekend in Los Angeles, California.


"The last time that we were together was at a signing in Los Angeles during Mania, and Jacob (Henry's son) was with me and he said, 'Jacob, come here. Oh my God, look how big you got.' He's like, 'Did your dad ever tell you that they tried to put him on a diet?' And I said, 'Oh, sh**, where is this going?' And [Rotunda] was like, 'Yeah, we came out of a meeting because [WWE] wanted me to lose some weight and they wanted your dad to lose some weight. And your dad said, Okay, all right, enough. I'm going to start right after I go to Taco Cabana.' Jacob just busted out laughing. [Rotunda was] just a funny dude like that, man," Henry said. "There's not many people that you could just sit there, and they're not trying to be funny, [but] they just funny. And I loved him."


While their in-ring interactions were limited, Henry did compete against the former WWE Champion on a few occasions in 2014 and 2015 during a feud with the Wyatt Family. Off-screen, Henry noted that Rotunda was also a huge fan of hardcore rock and hip-hop music, which he sometimes played in the locker room backstage.

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