The Acclaimed And Billy Gunn Defeat House Of Black, Win AEW Trios Titles At All In

For the first time in AEW — and the first time in an international promotion since 2014 — Billy Gunn has gold around his waist, thanks to his win alongside The Acclaimed to capture the AEW Trios Championships over The House of Black.


Following a House of Black entrance that featured a Bray Wyatt tribute including fireflies and a Wyatt-esque lantern, Max Caster made his way to the ring delivering his traditional freestyle rap. Following dunks on Prince Andrew and Meghan Markle, and a House of Black-directed Harry Potter diss, however, Anthony Bowens continued without the customary "Scissor Me, Daddy Ass!" as their elder stable member made it clear that today, he was once again "Badd Ass" Billy Gunn. (Note the carefully-included second "D" to ever-so-clearly differentiate from his former WWE persona.)

The Acclaimed and Gunn executed their privilege to choose the match's stipulation, going with no holds barred, which led to less in the way of foreign objects and more multi-participant chaos. That included Julia Hart interjecting herself into the match, standing in the way of Gunn before he told her to "suck it" and put her on her back to set up a Bowens Scissor Me Timbers from the top rope.


After some mayhem outside the ring, Brody King, rocking a split forehead, attempted to hit Bowens with a chain, but hit Malakai Black instead, leading to a trio of Fame-a**-ers. However, Hart pulled referee Aubrey Edwards out prior to a three count. The tides turned and Black hit The End on Gunn, who managed a kickout at about 2.99.

The challengers then hit all of their finishers in succession on King, who shockingly kicked out at one before they repeated their efforts and executed a three-way pin, to crown themselves new champions.

Following the match, Bowens told Gunn he promised they'd put the gold he deserved around Gunn's waist and delivered on that promise before initiating a scissor party after all to the delight of the crowd.