Tony Khan Says AEW All Out Will Also Take Place One Week After All In In 2024

It was announced at the end of this year's All In pay-per-view that next year's show will be taking place on August 25, 2024, and during the All In post-show media scrum, AEW CEO Tony Khan revealed that like this year's All Out, next year's will be taking place a week after All In, too. Khan revealed that the show will be taking place a week after All In next year because he wants to "build traditions" with both the bank holiday in England and Labor Day in the United States.


"I try to build traditions and we have something really special that we did tonight and that's why this same bank holiday weekend, I want people to know bank holiday weekend, Sunday, Wembley, that's a tradition," said Khan. "In America, [it's] a three-day weekend, Labor Day weekend. They have the bank holiday in America next weekend. It's a very unique opportunity as a live event." 

Khan later noted how he doesn't want to give up that "real estate" and he believes that he can keep these two events going. He added that he wanted to keep doing All Out in Chicago because of its success. This year's All Out is on Sunday, September 2.