Tony Khan Explains Decision To Hold AEW All In & All Out Back-To-Back

All Elite Wrestling is having one of its biggest pay-per-views this Sunday in London, England, at Wembley Stadium with All In, but the promotion isn't going to stop there. The weekend after is going to be another pay-per-view event, All Out. All Out is set for September 3 and will be taking place in Chicago at the United Center.


During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, AEW President Tony Khan was asked about having two pay-per-views back to back. According to Khan, it all happened because of the right dates — for England, it's a bank holiday weekend and the week later, there's a three-day weekend in the United States due to Labor Day. The CEO also believes that "the live-event real estate" for both of those is "so valuable."

"The bank holiday weekend in England and the Labor Day weekend in Chicago, that's really valuable pro wrestling real estate in terms of the box office that I had no intention of giving up," said Khan. "And when I booked the Wembley show, I knew that that meant I had to keep All Out in Chicago as well, because we have a great tradition there that I'm going to keep going forever."


Khan also noted how he feels the company will do well in pay-per-view sales, because of how many live event tickets were sold and that he believed that can drive sales. Khan revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that AEW has moved over 10,000 tickets for the All Out event. All In, of course, has sold over 80,000 tickets and has over 90,000 advanced pay-per-view orders.