Why Eric Bischoff Doesn't Think The Rock Is Coming Back To WWE For The Bloodline Story

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has teased a return to WWE in the past, with the belief being that he'd face his cousin Roman Reigns at a WrestleMania show. However, Eric Bischoff isn't convinced that the Hollywood A-lister will ever lace up his wrestling boots again.

On a recent episode of "Locked & Loaded w/Eric Bischoff," the WWE Hall of Famer explained why Johnson might be reluctant to return to the squared circle, noting that he's been gone from WWE for too long.

"The Rock's not coming back. He's making $15 million a movie. He's got stunt doubles, and he's so big right now. He's not been in the ring and until you've been in the ring — and I haven't so I'm not speaking from firsthand experience — but having been around it enough... When a performer or wrestler walks away from the business, whether they were injured or for whatever reason... That off time, it takes a long time to get your body into wrestling condition."

According to Bischoff, it takes months for wrestlers to get back into ring shape after being gone for so long. With Johnson having a busy schedule, it probably isn't feasible for him to dedicate that much time and energy into training for an in-ring comeback. That said, Bischoff does think that he'll make appearances in non-wrestling roles at events such as WrestleMania, but only to cut promos.

Paul Heyman has also commented on the possibility of Johnson returning to action, stating that it wasn't realistic ahead of this year's WWE WrestleMania 39.