GUNTHER Vs. Chad Gable For WWE Intercontinental Title Announced For Next Week's Raw

Chad Gable will get another shot at GUNTHER's Intercontinental Championship and the opportunity to end the champion's historic title reign next week on "WWE Raw." The champion made the announcement in a promo while standing on the announce desk Monday night, prior to a match between Gable and Ludwig Kaiser. Gable handed "The Ring General" his first loss on the main roster last week, but GUNTHER held the champion's advantage and kept the title after being counted out. As of this writing, GUNTHER has officially held the belt for 444 days, meaning he is just 11 days away from beating the Honky Tonk Man's record Intercontinental title reign of 454 days. 

During Monday's match, Kaiser put up a fighting effort but lost to Gable via disqualification when Vinci broke up the pin. The match ended in a brawl when Otis jumped in the ring to protect Gable, but Imperium laid both men out. GUNTHER made his way down the ramp during the beatdown and attempted to slam Gable, who countered the move into an ankle lock before being beaten down by the stable. Imperium ended the segment standing tall over Alpha Academy.