Why Mark Henry Thinks WWE Fans Will See Zoey Stark's Reign Within Next 2 Years

Ever since being brought to WWE's main roster, Zoey Stark has been a pivotal part of the women's division on "WWE Raw," and that is why Mark Henry believes that her future is bright. "In the next two years, we will see the reign of Zoey Stark, it's gonna happen, that's what she's being built for," Henry said on "Busted Open Radio." "God willing and the creek don't rise and no injuries, we might get it sooner." Henry believes that first impressions are important, and Stark has certainly given a positive one to fans due to her work alongside Trish Stratus. However, he also pointed out that it's a marathon and not a sprint, which is a message that the "World's Strongest Man" was quick to point out Triple H has shared as well.


"Triple H knows that you cannot get overly excited when you win one race. Like it's a long, long game and experience is that teacher for him, he's Vince's number one student. So, you think about the conversations and the lessons that he has learned on every plane ride, on every family gathering on everything. He's very balanced and understands." 

While the need to not rush things from a creative standpoint is important, Henry is confident that Stark is now being given similar lessons from her onscreen mentor, Stratus. The two have been working together for several months now, and that's something he sees as beneficial to Stark's development. "The conversations in the car, the trips overseas the day-to-day hanging around the arena, sitting in catering, going over what you're gonna do," Henry said. "She's learning how to do that at a high level and it's gonna pay off."


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