Kevin Nash On The Difference Between The WCW And WWE Locker Rooms

In any workplace, the people who enjoy each other's company prefer spending time together, thereby distancing themselves from the rest of their colleagues. A pro wrestling locker room is no different, and as revealed by Kevin Nash — known for moving with his "Kliqs" during his years on the road — the vibe in the WWE and WCW dressing rooms were vastly different for one specific reason.    

"We were so blessed, man, in retrospect, because [Hulk] Hogan always had his own locker room [in WCW]," Nash said on "Kliq This." "And he always had beer. So, we'd just hang out in his room. He was always laid back." Nash confirmed that, unlike Hogan in WCW, Shawn Michaels did not have his own locker room during The Kliq's years together in WWE. As such, to maintain a level of distance from the rest of the WWE roster, the members of The Kliq would put up "Kliq" signs on the door to their room, Nash revealed. "We started putting The Kliq signs up [on the doors]. If anyone would open the door and see three of us [together], they'd be like, 'F–k this. I don't want to dress here.'" 

In the event that a wrestler made the cardinal sin of stepping into the Kliq's unofficial locker room to change or freshen up, the likes of Nash, Michaels, Scott Hall, Sean Waltman, and Triple H would resort to their tried-and-tested strategy, which Nash refers to as their "No. 1 offense" — with the intent of making the intruder uncomfortable. "We'd give it like a minute or two, and then just start putting each other over [laughs]. They'd pick their bags up [and leave]."