AEW's Rob Van Dam Opens Up About Receiving Stem Cell Treatments

During a recent episode of "One of a Kind," WWE Hall of Famer Rob Van Dam discussed the experience he had with trying stem cell treatment a few years ago.

"I did do stem cells," Van Dam said. "I believe it was 2019, it also might have been 2020. But it was definitely in that window from 2019 to 2020. I went to South America to this place plenty of my peers had been to and everyone was reporting these miraculous results. Surgery-like improvements on torn ligaments and such."


He added, "I got them all over. I got hair rejuvenation, face rejuvenation, and I got both shoulders done. Both wrists had stem cells shot into them. My entire spine between every vertebrae. Another shot in my back to go up to my brain. They said it was 221 million stem cells and that it was the most that they had put into any of the boys yet."

While he's not sure that statement was completely accurate, Van Dam can say that he unfortunately didn't get the results he was looking for.

'I didn't get any noticeable results'

"I can't say I got the results I was looking for," Van Dam shared. "I got a little bit better in one area that I know of. My right hand is always falling asleep since this particular Kurt Angle suplex that I took on my face, and it temporarily paralyzed half of my body... That got a little bit better. Instead of it feeling like someone sitting on it, it would be maybe half of that or whatever. Now, it's way less than it used to be."


"Besides that, I didn't get any noticeable results within the timeframe that they told me the stem cells would still be in operation... During that amount of time, unfortunately, didn't have results that I could point to. That's why I never went and bragged or promoted my personal usage of the stem cells."

Van Dam was told that he should feel results within six months or possibly even within a year. However, one doctor informed him that it may not have worked properly because of the amount of metal in his blood. Regardless, he's still in support of stem cell treatments since it's worked for so many wrestlers.

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