Grado Recalls Amusing Moment In The TNA Ring With NWA Owner Billy Corgan

Authority figures in professional wrestling often find themselves on the receiving end of some physical comeuppance — the result of their prolonged conflict with a fan favorite. The likes of Vince McMahon, Eric Bischoff, and Vickie Guerrero have all taken a beating due to their dastardly actions. However, that wasn't something that Billy Corgan wanted to do for Grado during their time in TNA.

Corgan had been bragging during an off-camera segment with Grado about the fact he could get Madonna's "Like A Prayer" rights because he had her phone number. That's something that the Scottish wrestler wanted to make the most of by having Corgan take a move from him, but the Smashing Pumpkins frontman had other plans. 

"I can always remember going, 'Let me stunner you' under my breath, and he would take the mic away and go, "Do not lay a f**king finger on me,'" Grado told "Cultaholic Wrestling." "So, that was probably a highlight."

That situation isn't something that stayed inside the ring either, as Corgan ensured that he put the point over when they got backstage, making sure that Grado was aware nothing like that would ever be in the cards. "I think so, I think he went, 'Do not ever have any idea to make any physical contact with me,'" Grado revealed.

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