Paul Heyman On His Reticence To Sum Up ECW Legend Terry Funk's Life 'In A Soundbite'

Terry Funk died last week aged 79, and the wrestling world has been full of tributes for the legend since then. Paul Heyman, who credits Funk with putting ECW on the map, also spoke about the WWE Hall of Famer on the latest episode of "WWE's The Bump." However, Heyman didn't want to try and define the late wrestler's legacy through a quick interview segment.


"I'm always hesitant to try to encapsulate a life like Terry Funk's within a soundbite or even a portion of a program. I didn't say anything publicly. I haven't yet. And one of the reasons why is because I was aware of the decline in Terry Funk's health and I had the extraordinary opportunity and pleasure of speaking with him in the last few weeks of his life. I withheld my tributes because I got a chance to tell him while he was alive, I didn't have to explain my affinity for the man after his passing, I got a chance to let him know."

That said, Heyman did discuss the impact that Funk had on the ECW roster, noting that he helped launch the careers of Shane Douglas, Public Enemy, and more. He also recited Cody Rhodes' recent tribute to Funk, noting that the legendary wrestler was the "grandfather of a revolution." Furthermore, Heyman hopes that future generations follow in Funk's footsteps and embrace the lessons he taught, such as pursuing greatness with passion while still acknowledging that pro wrestling is a business.


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