Dominik Mysterio Assesses The Strength Of The Judgment Day's Bond Ahead Of Payback

There has been some friction within The Judgment Day as of late — between Finn Balor and Money In The Bank winner Damian Priest. In addition to the tension rising between senior members, they've had JD McDonagh hanging around their proverbial necks. On the latest episode of "The Bump" Dominik Mysterio set the record straight about McDonagh's prospects with the group.


"JD's a friend of Finn's, a longtime friend. He's definitely not associated with The Judgment Day," he stated. "We're a tight core four." But when Mysterio was asked if McDonagh could gain entry at some other time, he admitted that he doesn't have a hand in making such decisions. "Mami [Rhea Ripley] is the one calling the shots right now," Mysterio admitted. "We saw a little bit of tension with Damian and Finn but it's all cool."

Either way. Mysterio isn't worried about Priest and Balor ahead of their WWE Undisputed Tag Team Championship Steel City Street Fight against Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens at Payback on Saturday. The "NXT" North American Champion believes that The Judgment Day is a family — Balor and Priest, his brothers.


"Our bond is so much stronger [than Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn's] ... there has been little tensions here and there, but it's because the boys were both focused on the same goal, and that's becoming the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. And they got lost in the gold. But at the end of the day, they realize they're brothers, and they need to make that work."