Heels Season 2 Episode 6 Recap/spoilers: Appearances

"Heels" Season 2, Episode 5 saw Ace Spade (Alexander Ludwig) continue to portray the Condamned as a soldier in the Duffy Wrestling League's kayfabe war with Florida Wrestling Dystopia. No one knows who or what the Condamned is supposed to be, but he's over with the fans and that's all that matters. Furthermore, the mysterious character has captured the attention of the bigwigs at Continuum, a media conglomerate that's interested in adding DWL and FWD content to its platforms.


While the DWL is engaged in an orchestrated war with the rival promotion, it could soon find itself in a real battle with Uncle Sam. Willie Day (Mary McCormack) recently came clean about her dodgy money exchanges with a county agent, revealing to Staci Spade (Alison Luff) that she needs to get her hands dirty to keep the lights on. Thomas Spade (David James Elliot) left behind mountains of debt, and it risks burying the small-town wrestling promotion. There are some big questions to be answered in this week's episode, "Appearances," and more will undoubtedly arise when it's all said and done.

The DWL and FWD feud is on fire

"Heels" Season 2, Episode 6 opens with a radio host raving about the recent happenings in the DWL and FWD. The cross-promotional feud is creating a buzz, and the Condamned and Crystal Tyler (Kelli Berglund) have been key to its success. However, the radio host can't help but wonder if Diego Cottonmouth (Robby Ramos) has fallen out of favor with Jack Spade (Stephen Amell) and the DWL's higher-ups.


Ace might have plenty to celebrate in regard to his wrestling career, but his personal life is still messy. His mom, Carol Spade (Alice Barrett), wants him to start earning a proper living as wrestling won't be able to pay his bills and get him on his feet. "Heels" Season 2 has been all about Ace trying to find his purpose, and it'll take more than playing a Sting knockoff gimmick to help him achieve that.

Of course, the fortunes of the DWL could change if they sign a deal with Continuum. The media company's officials want to meet with Jack and Staci about potentially hosting the DWL on the streaming service; however, the Spade family has flirted with the big time in the past only to experience bad news. A subsequent flashback scene sees Tom sitting in Ted Turner's office waiting for a meeting in regard to joining WCW. However, "Billionaire Ted" cancels on him at the last minute, and Tom isn't happy about it.


Back in the present, an executive from Continuum notes that wrestling could be big business for the company. That said, they want to build something from the ground up, suggesting that the DWL and FWD might not be feasible entities in their current states.

Possible defections?

While there's mainstream interest in the DWL, the roster is still made up of indie scrubs from a backwater town. Fortunately, "Wild" Bill Hancock (Chris Bauer) has worked for top wrestling promotions in the past — and still would be if he didn't get drunk and expose himself on an airplane. Bill tells the roster that hard work doesn't always pay off, and they must find what makes them exceptional for this deal to go through.


Back in the world of kayfabe, the DWL and FWD wrestlers are getting ready to collide with each other at the upcoming cross-promotional event. Rooster Robbins (Allen Maldonado) is still feeling disgruntled about his misspent days in the DWL, and he makes it known in his callout promo for the Comdanmed. He also challenges the DWL star to a Last Man Standing match, offering to put the FWD Championship on the line as well.

Elsewhere, Charlie Gully (Mike O'Malley) looks at the numbers from last week's FWD show. The data reveals that Crystal's segments were the highest-rated for pop in the company's entire history, so he decides that he wants to legitimately hire her. He then calls Willie and says that he wants her to help facilitate the defection, and he wants to offer her a job as well. Given that Willie has spent years cleaning up the Spade family's messes, accepting the job might not be the worst idea in the world.


Afterward, Willie tells Crystal about Gully's offer and says that she deserves to know about it so she can make up her own mind. Crystal thinks that Gully is an idiot and reveals that she's happy in the DWL, but Willie advises her not to get stuck in a comfort zone.

Bill and Willie's unresolved tensions

The flashback scenes throughout "Heels" Season 2, Episode 6 reveal that Tom was willing to abandon Bill for greener pastures. After telling Ted Turner's people to get stuffed, the Spade patriarch finds himself in contact with Vince McMahon's representatives about potentially joining WWE. He also extends an offer to Willie to be his valet, but there's no place for his best friend.


In the present, Bill recalls those bygone days and tells Willie that seeing her is a reminder of his unresolved pain. However, he doesn't want to be on a collision course with her anymore and offers to make amends. That said, Willie doesn't seem interested in mending any fences with her old friend.

Back in the past, Tom tells Carol that they're broke and at risk of losing their house. Carol says that he never gave her the life she deserves and instructs him to call Bill for help. Tom then visits Bill, who's found success as a wealthy celebrity and cosplaying angel. He asks Bill for a loan, and while his request is granted, their relationship comes to an end. Before parting ways for the final time, Tom asks Bill to keep his borrowing a secret from his family.


In the present day, the Continuum people tell Jack and Staci that they're interested in working with the DWL, but they need to see more from the promotion before they make a final decision. Jack tells the roster about the meeting and gives them a rousing speech, which goes down well. The episode ends with Bill getting a phone about Tom's suicide and Carol accusing him of not doing more to help their family. This explains why Bill gave her money during Season 2's opening episode, which centers around Tom's funeral.