Backstage Update On Injury Brody King Reportedly Sustained At AEW All In

Following the backstage altercation between CM Punk and Jack Perry at All In, several reports suggested that a distraught Brody King — a close friend of Punk'spunched a wall and possibly broke his hand. Another report, from Bryan Alvarez, noted that King did "kick a garbage can" in the aftermath of the brawl, but his hand was injured on the guardrail during House of Black's loss to The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn.


According to the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, King denied reports that he punched a wall, but did corroborate Alvarez's version — that he kicked a garbage can to vent his frustrations over the incident. The Wrestling Observer also cited other witnesses who claimed to have witnessed King punching a wall, noting that some in the dressing room felt King "may have broken his hand or wrist hours before his match started." If the latter version is true, it would be safe to assume that King suffered the injury prior to his match, seeing as the alleged Punk versus Perry brawl took place immediately before the opening contest between Punk and Samoa Joe. 

That said, Dave Meltzer wondered what would motivate King to make up a story about kicking a garbage can. "It is possible that he punched the wall and people thought he broke his hand and then actually broke it in the match, which would be quite the coincidence, and it is possible with all the goings on that people thought it was a punch when it was a kick," Meltez wrote. King himself has yet to publicly comment on his injury. AEW boss Tony Khan did not address the injury during his media call on Thursday either.