Brody King Says CM Punk Opened The Door For Hardcore Representation In Wrestling

While it might not seem like the most obvious pairing at first, wrestling and music go hand in hand with one another. Many involved in the wrestling world are outspoken fans of punk and hardcore music and some are even in bands of their own, including one-third of the reigning AEW World Trios Champions, Brody King. Speaking with Robbie Fox on "My Mom's Basement", King discussed how the depiction of punk and hardcore music in wrestling has evolved over the years. He noted that while The Headbangers were featured on television when he was growing up, he felt that you could tell that they had been given that gimmick.

"Now, there is actual representation for kids like myself that [are] growing up wanting to see these people be the real thing in real life," he said. "CM Punk was really the one that kind of blew the door open for that. He was six-foot-one, six-foot-two, normal body guy, tattoos. He looks like someone that would be going to a punk or hardcore show."

King, who is the lead singer of God's Hate, named a few other AEW talents helping to shift the portrayal of punk and hardcore, including Darby Allin, Ruby Soho, and The Butcher. Punk made his AEW debut in August 2021 but hasn't been seen since September 2022 as a result of a triceps injury and the aftermath of the post-show events following that year's All Out pay-per-view. He is supposedly gearing up for a return sometime around the company's return to Chicago on June 21 amidst the chatter of the company's purported new Saturday show and roster split.

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit "My Mom's Basement" with an h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.