Seth Rollins Retains World Heavyweight Title Against Shinsuke Nakamura At WWE Payback

Despite Shinsuke Nakamura's best efforts to defeat Seth Rollins by wearing down his already injured back, in which their feud has been based on, the champion was able to retain his World Heavyweight Championship at WWE Payback on Saturday. 


The match started out even between the competitors before Nakamura began to target Rollins' back heavily, from throwing him from the barricade onto the announce desk, to putting him in submission maneuvers in the middle of the ring. Nakamura even laid out the champion on the ring apron and stomped on his back at one point in the match.

Rollins got his momentum back about halfway through the match and even attempted a superplex. He hit a frog splash on Nakamura, but it wasn't enough to put the challenger away. Nakamura was able to rally and get Rollins into an armbar, then a triangle submission. He delivered a Kinshasa to Rollins, but to his detriment, Rollins' back gave out and he couldn't stand up for Nakamura to deliver the final blow.


Rollins countered Nakamura's offense to hit a pedigree. The challenger intercepted a stomp, but Rollins was able to regroup and hit the move, pinning Nakamura in the middle of the ring to retain the championship.