Matt Hardy On The Bond Between Vince McMahon & Windham Rotunda, WWE's Bray Wyatt

Vince McMahon has often had varied relationships with his employees over the years, with some being positive and others less so. However, when it comes to his relationship with Bray Wyatt, Matt Hardy revealed that it was interesting.


"[It was] almost like a father-son relationship in some ways and I feel like that probably came to be because he'd only known the WWE system," Hardy said on "The Extreme Life Of Matt Hardy." "Vince was the only boss he'd ever had. I feel like there's times where Vince shows you all this love, but then if you do something that he doesn't necessarily like or he disagrees with, then he's really tough on you, like a father in many ways."

That's something that Wyatt certainly experienced over the years, and Hardy admitted that if McMahon was ever mad at the "Eater Of Worlds" it would make Wyatt disappointed. That's how close their bond was, which was certainly unique in many ways. 

"There were also times where Vince treated him so good and he wanted to move him into the best spot possible and he would love his stuff and he would call him a genius and say, 'That was brilliant and this was great.' It was interesting ... It feels like their relationship was deeper than just boss [and] employee. It was almost like personal."


However, even though they clearly had their ups and downs over the years, McMahon often featured Wyatt at the top of the card in major storylines, and that is due to the respect he had for Wyatt as a performer.

"He definitely greatly appreciated his depth when it came to creativity," he said. "I have no doubts about that."

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