Kevin Nash Weighs In On The Frame Of Mind Of Former WWE Star CM Punk

During a recent episode of "Kliq This," WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash weighed in with his thoughts on the recent headlines involving CM Punk's backstage issues in AEW.

"Honest to god, and this is in all seriousness, what I take from this whole thing is he needs serious help," Nash said. "He needs mental help. It's mental health. No, [it's not an attitude]. When it becomes destructive, when there's a chance this costs you millions of dollars, and you just continue to push and push and push... It's not a work? Who's he working? Working himself out the f****** door?"


Nash concluded that they "have to" let Punk go, which ultimately did happen after the podcast was recorded. AEW put out a statement from Tony Khan on September 2 that revealed that he had terminated Punk's contracts with the company. This was in light of Punk's most recent backstage altercation with Jack Perry, which occurred at AEW All In London on August 27.

Khan noted that terminating Punk was his sole decision after an investigation was completed by a disciplinary committee and outside legal counsel. The AEW President cited fearing for the safety of himself as well as others who work for the company after Punk's latest incident.

Reports of Punk's behavior have been a talking point for over a year now following his well-documented locker room altercation involving Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, Ace Steel, and others just one year ago following All Out 2022. It also recently came to light that Punk reportedly had a confrontation with William Regal in March 2022 at the time of Regal's AEW debut.


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