Booker T Talks About Working With CM Punk On WWE Backstage

"WWE Backstage" ran between November 5, 2019, and January 30, 2021, on FS1 and built up a small but loyal audience. The show featured Renee Paquette and Booker T, with special guests who would frequently join them, one of whom was CM Punk, who returned to pro wrestling during this timeframe. 

While discussing Punk's recent AEW firing on his "Hall of Fame" podcast, Booker T looked back at his time working alongside Punk on the "Fox" show, revealing they weren't close but "handled business."

"Punk, he was easy to work with, but he was kind of standoffish," Booker T said. "You know, him and I, him and I were, you know, acquaintances, and I guess we would be called what in the workplace? Co-workers. Yeah, coworkers, and we handled business, just like what you said a second ago. You don't really have to like who you're working with to work with them, you know."

Booker T continued to explain his relationship with Punk during his time on "WWE Backstage," stating that they worked together amicably. 

"I don't think CM Punk, you know, looked at me as one of his buddies or anything like that. I've never been one of the guys to call CM Punk on the phone. CM Punk and I, we've never broken bread or anything like that. And it's one of those deals where I understand that he understands that, and we both play our roles. We play our roles to the best of our ability, I think, on that show, I think that's what happened. He didn't get in my way. I didn't get in his way, and I think that's the way it should always be when you're working in the workplace," said the Hall of Famer.

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