Teddy Long Talks About Having Fun With WWE Hall Of Famer Terry Funk Back In The Day

During an appearance on Sportskeeda's "Wrestling Time Machine" show, Teddy Long was asked about how special the late Terry Funk was to him and his career in pro wrestling. It was announced that the "Hardcore Icon" had died on August 23.

"Terry was one of the guys that definitely looked out for me back in the day," Long said. "Had a lot of fun with him when we did the thing we called 'Funk's Grill.' So I made a couple of appearances in 'Funk's Grill,' me and 'Mean' Mark Callous before he was ever The Undertaker, so I just had so much fun with Terry, man. 

"I did talk to him over the years. He's one of the guys that I always wish a Merry Christmas to, and I did talk to him during... while he was a heel and stuff, so we had conversations. So I always wanted to let him know I'd never forgot him and I was always thinking about him."

Funk interviewed various WCW stars in the early 1990s while dressed in a tuxedo for the "Funk's Grill" segment.

When "Mean" Mark Callous — WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker — appeared with Long on "Funk's Grill" in January 1990 on "WCW Worldwide," the former "WWE SmackDown" and "WWE ECW" general manager, who was managing The Skyscrapers (Callous and "Dangerous" Dan Spivey), called Callous "the meanest and toughest guy in the world of professional wrestling." At the time, The Skyscrapers were feuding with the legendary Road Warriors tag team.

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