Road Dogg Stresses The Importance Of Understanding AEW Boss Tony Khan's Perspective

During an appearance on his "Oh...You Didn't Know?" podcast, "Road Dogg" Brian James discussed Tony Khan's decision to terminate CM Punk's contract following his backstage altercation with Jack Perry at AEW All In.


"I don't know what I would have done," James said. "But I don't have to know because I'm not a billionaire company owner, you know what I mean? So it really doesn't matter what I would have done ... Man, it is two different worlds. And for somebody who, over the past three years, has really had their eyes open to different perspectives and different things going on not only in the United States but globally, and just looking at things through different lenses and trying to seek other perspectives.

"They attacked the dude for saying he was scared, you know what I mean? Like, everybody's attacking the dude, and it's like, you see him, you know who he is, you know what he is. He's not one of the performers. He's not on his father's soccer teams or football teams. You know what I mean? He's a kid that grew up loving wrestling and very protected. Then he saw two dudes almost go at it and try to pull each other's eyes out or whatever. So my point is, you gotta understand his perspective and not say, 'Oh my god, what is he talking about?' People get scared in situations like that."


AEW CEO Khan addressed Punk's firing on this past Saturday's episode of "AEW Collision" in a pre-taped video. He said that his security, safety, and life were in danger backstage at All In during Punk and Perry's altercation. Khan, who revealed that an internal disciplinary committee and external legal council investigated the Punk-Perry incident, concluded by saying that he had to "make a very difficult choice" by firing the former AEW World Champion.

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