Why Road Dogg Describes WWE's Triple H As The 'Moral Compass'

"Road Dogg" Brian James had high praise for his friend and former D-Generation X stablemate, Triple H, on "Oh You Didn't Know?" this week, referring to WWE's CCO as "the moral compass" of the Stamford-based promotion. James made the comments when asked if Triple H was still the jovial person he was during his years as a wrestler, or if he had turned into "more of a businessman" since trading in his black and green apparel for suits.

"It's both. He's the one that can balance the two," James said of Triple H. "He's the moral compass that balances how much it is that I do. I mean, I can take the hint, I can read the room — if it's time to play, we play. If it's time to be serious, we just play a little [laughs]. But we're not gonna stop joking around ... like, you could be totally dead serious and one of us says something, and all start laughing, and he [Triple H] will bring us back."

James then recalled the conversation he had with Triple H when he was hired as WWE's Senior VP of Live Events last year, at a time when Triple H had firmly replaced Vince McMahon as the go-to person in WWE's creative department. By the end of the chat, James was more convinced than ever that his friend was the right person to lead WWE into the next generation. "He's like, 'Don't be afraid to ever ask me something, but also don't get upset if I tell you no.' And I've been told 'no' a bunch of times [since then]. He's very good at letting you know where the line is — without being offensive whatsoever. That's part of his magic, too, his [ability] to manage humans."