Backstage News On Triple H Hiring Road Dogg As SVP Of WWE Live Events

Last week, it was reported that WWE Hall of Famer, Jeff Jarrett, had left WWE and his position in the company as Senior Vice President of Live Events. He took the position up back in May, after being released from his backstage role in the company last year. Not to worry though, as Jarrett's position has been refilled, as WWE has rehired one-half of the New Age Outlaws, "Road Dogg" Brian James. Upon talking to people within the company, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported on what was going on with the recent replacement.

According to WON, it is believed that bringing Jarrett back into WWE was Bruce Prichard's idea. Prichard pitched the idea to former WWE CEO and Chairman Vince McMahon, and McMahon agreed to bring Jarrett back. When Jarrett was let go, it opened a spot for Triple H to bring in someone from his team. James had been released by WWE in January. He was working behind the scenes with the "NXT" brand under Triple H's leadership.

WON also reported that even though Prichard's job is to serve the boss, there have been questions about his job, as he is not someone from Triple H's team. It is believed that, like McMahon, Prichard is more of a "sports entertainment" guy, opposing Triple H being a "wrestling" kind of person. It is widely believed, however, that Prichard will support whatever vision Triple H has. Nobody backstage expects the change to happen in a hurry but expects it to happen over time as Triple H continues to bring in more and more of his guys.