Why Zelina Vega Says WWE Is Smart To Blend Main Roster Talent With NXT

Becky Lynch will be paying a visit to her old stomping grounds of "WWE NXT" next week, challenging Tiffany Stratton for the "NXT" Women's Championship. It's just the latest example of a main roster star heading to WWE's developmental brand — something that has helped the show in its TV ratings and is a situation that Zelina Vega is a fan of.


"I think it's definitely smart that they've started to blend the worlds, especially if they want to keep it as a third brand," she told "Ten Count." "It's always fun when you get to mix things up ... I think that's what makes it fun for people, and they can expect something different." 

Even with many of its members having history in "NXT," none of the LWO have made the trip back since their main roster promotions. However, there are a few wrestlers there that have caught Vega's eye. One being Ava Raine — who Vega has known since she was a baby — but there are others to whom Vega is paying attention. 

"I love Jakara [Jackson] and I love everything that they're doing right now, so it might be cool to mix it up with them and Noam [Dar] and see where it goes there," she said. "There's so many people that you can like try and mix it up with. Even like Bea Priestley, I'd love to get in the ring with her, I mean she's amazing. That's another thing — it's good that it's hard for me to choose because of the level of talent that's there."


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