Why Zilla Fatu, Son Of WWE's Umaga, Is No Longer A Part Of Reality Of Wrestling

Booker T confirmed that Zilla Fatu, son of late WWE star Umaga, is no longer a part of his Reality of Wrestling promotion. When Fatu made his professional wrestling debut for the promotion back in July, Booker promoted the starlet with hashtags suggesting a pathway into Roman Reigns' Bloodline. But he revealed during the "Hall of Fame" podcast that there were "irreconcilable differences" which led to Fatu parting ways with the independent promotion.


"I been getting a lot of calls, people been hitting us up asking us about Zilla Fatu and when they were going to see him again," he said. "Honestly, I can't tell you when you're gonna see Zilla Fatu again because he is now no longer a part of Reality of Wrestling due to irreconcilable differences, let's just put it that way." 

Booker said that he is sure Fatu's career will continue on the independent circuit and wished him well with his future endeavors. The departure is quite abrupt considering that only back in July did the Hall of Famer talk so highly of Fatu's performance in his debut. At the time he praised Fatu's explosiveness, quickness, and composure, while taking into account that it was his first performance in front of a crowd. 


Fatu defeated Jonny Lyons — who once appeared on WWE's 205 Live — to kick off his career. He paid tribute to his father as he adopted the "Samoan Spike" finisher, which is also shared by Solo Sikoa in WWE.