AEW Star Paul Wight Discusses His Diet And Approach To Rehabbing After Knee Surgery

AEW star Paul Wight received knee surgery in 2022, and he's currently working on getting back into ring shape. While speaking to Metro, the former WWE Superstar said that he's currently focusing on losing weight and working on his fitness, noting that it's still a work in progress.

"Right now, I'm at about 414, 413 [lbs]. I wanna try to get back down to about 385, so I've still got work to do," he told the news outlet.

Furthermore, the AEW star stated that he still needs to get used to the replacement parts that were put into his knee during his surgery. He's essentially starting from scratch in some ways, and he'll need to get used to his new knee before he feels confident enough to wrestle again.

"It's been a struggle to get that trust and confidence back in that appendage," Wight said. However, he's been able to distract himself by playing roleplaying games such as "Dungeons and Dragons" with his friends.

Wight has also been working hard on his diet and keeping active in the gym. He admitted that he's had an eventful summer which required him to eat a lot, so he's had to work out extra hard to ensure that he reaches his target weight goals.

"The first syllable in the word diets is DIE," he joked. "You just have to make lifestyle changes, and you have to burn more calories than you take in. I've had a summer with a lot of friends and families around, a lot of things rolling — then there's this celebration, then this dinner."