Matt Cardona On Stealing From WWE Stars Like Cody Rhodes, 'Next Guy' Stealing From Him

Matt Cardona has been another example of a success story after being released from WWE, taking his popularity and increasing it by being creative, making the most of social media, and betting on himself. However, Cardona did have a couple of blueprints to follow from those who had taken a similar path before him.

"Listen, I stole things from Drew McIntyre. I stole things from Cody [Rhodes] and then I did a lot of things my way, and I hope the next guy steals from all of us. You know what I'm saying," he told "Battleground Podcast." "There have been a lot of people who were unfortunately released the same day as me, after me, who haven't done jack s***." 

McIntyre and Rhodes both ended up becoming much bigger stars post-WWE, proving themselves to be main event players with their own work. Rhodes made a name for himself with his list, eventually going on to help create AEW. Meanwhile, McIntyre thrived around the British independent scene and Impact Wrestling. Cardona has taken elements of what they both did while putting his own spin on things, becoming the "Death Match King," as an example, and it has led to a lot of success.

"I don't care how you define success — happiness, money, [and] accolades. This has been the most successful I've ever been in my career," he said. "I'm doing all this. I'm pushing myself. I'm busting my ass. I'm trying to top [myself], year after year, week after week, match after match. I mean it's August right now I have these promoters trying to book me. I have not one available date for the rest of the year."

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