MJF Addresses His Cody Rhodes-Esque 'List'

Santa Claus is not the only prominent media figure who's making a list and checking it twice this season – AEW World Champion compiled a list of his own, but in this case, the list is titled "People Who Will Never Beat Me for the Triple B" and it consists of wrestling foes that he would like to face.

In a Sports Illustrated interview, MJF explained his list, which he shared on social media.

"Did you see the list I made?" he said. "The internet freaked out hoping and wishing that someone knocks me off their throne. Every single Wednesday, you're going to see me make people. That's the Friedman rub. It puts people on a different level."

Sports Illustrated observed that MJF's action bore similarity to a 2016 list that Cody Rhodes made about people he was eager to wrestle after leaving WWE. MJF was aware of Rhodes' list – in December 2019, he created the "List of people I will never wrestle" which included only Cody Rhodes with a checkmark next to his name.

As for the new list, MJF brought his distinctive brand of sarcasm to the compilation, citing such wrestlers as "Adam 'My Brain Don't Work So I Can't Cope' Cole" and "'Mr. Clean' Castagnoli." Other wrestlers were identified by vaguely cryptic nicknames as "The American Dips**t Dragon," "Sensitive Cowboy" and "Darbs the School Shooter."

MJF will be defending his championship for the first time on Wednesday's "Dynamite" against Ricky Sparks.

"This is a chance for people to witness history," said Friedman. "I'm hearing Ricky Starks is going to be the next big star. That's interesting. Why are people talking about Ricky Starks? It's because he got to share a ring with a generational talent. That's me."