Finn Balor Wanted One Specific Match Against Bray Wyatt In WWE

Finn Balor was fortunate enough to compete against Bray Wyatt plenty of times over the years. However, even though they shared the ring a lot, there was one specific encounter they both wanted to do that never happened.

"Obviously I had the opportunity to work with him a lot," Balor told "Cheap Heat." "As Finn vs. Bray, as The Demon vs. Bray, as Finn vs. The Fiend. The one thing I'm sad that we didn't ever get to get to was the Fiend vs. Demon match. That was something that we talked about at length and we were kind of hoping that was going to happen eventually, but it's not to be."

It's something WWE could have set up considering that Balor was "The Fiend's" original opponent, helping to put over and establish Wyatt's new gimmick. People did think that he'd return with "The Demon" at that time for a rematch, but it's something WWE never opted to go for. "The Demon" competing against "The Fiend" would've put two of the most demonic and powerful alter egos in modern WWE against each other in a match that would have no doubt brought plenty of supernatural elements together. 

The two men also brought two alter egos together in the past when "The Demon" was scheduled to face Bray Wyatt working his own "Sister Abigail" character at WWE TLC in 2017. That could have given fans an idea of what they could do against each other while working on specific characters, but it didn't take place due to Wyatt being pulled due to illness.

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