Why WWE's Drew McIntyre Says Brock Lesnar Is 'Even More Terrifying' After Their Feud

Brock Lesnar is an intimidating presence in professional wrestling, with his size and power being something that fans are constantly in awe of. However, it isn't just the WWE Universe that finds him to be a scary presence, as Drew McIntyre revealed. The Scotsman got to work against the "Beast Incarnate" during his heel run, but since that point, he has worked as a babyface, which McIntyre thinks made Lesnar even scarier.


"There's nobody like Brock Lesnar," McIntyre said to "Essentially Sports" on Instagram. "I've seen what he's been up to since last time we tangled, his cowboy run; he's even more terrifying as a good guy smiling with a cowboy hat on, somehow. He did eliminate me from the Royal Rumble so we're 1-1 in the Royal Rumble and then I'm 1-0 in singles matches so he's probably the one who's looking to come back and even the odds."

Lesnar hasn't been shown on television since he suffered a defeat against Cody Rhodes at WWE SummerSlam, bringing an end to their storyline. However, the "Beast" has proven he can strike at any time, which could open up another match with McIntyre. The two men have never competed in front of fans due to their encounter taking place during COVID-19, and McIntyre has admitted he wants to do that match with the WWE Universe in attendance previously, but he isn't expecting a rematch soon. 


"As far as I'm concerned, not really, because I beat him," he said on if he expects another match. "We had the run leading up to WrestleMania and then I defeated him for the title. But, you know, if Brock shows back up in my life, I'm ready for the challenge."

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