Rhyno Believes That This AEW Star Has A 'Great Mind For The Business'

Before he was an ECW and NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Impact Wrestling's Rhyno was a regular old independent wrestler, working in both the U.S. and Canada to make a name for himself in the mid-90s. And it was there he would find himself in a stable called THUG Life, which happened to feature future wrestling stars Edge and AEW's Christian Cage, who became lifelong friends of Rhyno, and partners once again when the three reunited in WWE in 2001.


During an appearance on "The Kurt Angle Show," Rhyno talked about his long-time friends, in particular Christian, after Angle brought up a three-way match he, Christian, and Rhyno had in TNA (now Impact) in 2007. Rhyno was nothing but complimentary to his friend, particularly his work as a heel.

"He's great in the ring, he's a great person," Rhyno said. "Him and Edge ... I couldn't have been aligned with two better guys starting out earlier in my career ... good friends. But Christian is ... I like him as a babyface, and he's good as a babyface, but he is a great heel. It's just the stuff where – like a turtleneck and stuff. He's got such a great mind for wrestling too. He puts in the time, and it really shows. Same thing with Edge."


Christian is so great at his job that Rhyno is hopeful that, when Christian finally calls it a career in the ring, he will stick around the business to help out in another capacity.

"Even if it's not producing, creative, something ... if one day he says, 'Hey, I'm retiring. I'm done with wrestling,' the wrestling business is really going to suffer if he just walks away from it," Rhyno said. "He can develop new talent and just [be] creative. Hopefully, he doesn't just say, 'Hey, I'm done. I'm going to go live my life.'"

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